Wisdom through Foolishness

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-978-910-137-5

In the preface to this write-up the author says;
“Real life is full of contradictions. Often it is not the wise and proud that succeed, but the foolish and humble….

In the write up we have tried to provide the reader with wise sayings that will readily come to mind and help him to face the contradicting realities of the daily survivalistic struggle….

If you want to have a cool bath in a very hot afternoon and hot water is before you, dilute it with cold water. If you want to have a hot bath in a very cold morning and cold water is before you, use hot water to warm it. Do the same in real life and you will come to realize the wisdom in foolishness and the foolishness in wisdom.

These sayings are not to be consumed at a sitting; rather they are salutary capsules to be consumed one daily. An overdose would dilute their healing effect.

Read and internalize them and you will ever be happy to have experienced Wisdom through Foolishness.”

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