Who is Mad?

Year of Publication: 2001

ISBN: 978-049-025-6

In the preface, the author asked; "Have you ever been tagged ‘mad’ by your friends or even by the entire community? Can you still vividly recall what it was that necessitated that? What did you do or say that merited you that tag? What was your reaction?

Reciprocally, you must have, at one time or the other, tagged a friend “mad”. What did he do or say that made you conclude that he was mad? What was his reaction when you tagged him mad?

Now that, by the grace of your Maker, you are still sane and sound, actively participating in the survivalistic struggle, what has been the verdict of time, that solver of all existential puzzles? Has it exonerated you or proved you wrong?

In other words, who has the unfolding of events in existential time, proved to be the mad person, you or your accusers? Likewise, on your own part, was it you or those you accused of madness, that the turn of events proved to be the mad one?

In the bazaar of accusations and counter accusations of madness, among the sane, who is mad?

Beloved reader, if the topic we have just initiated interests you, then this book is the right one for you. It is my twenty-seventh priestly ordination anniversary cake to you.

May the Almighty God, who selected me to be his priest and has sustained me in it, for the past twenty-seven years, abundantly pour down his blessing on you, as you now make this book your own and digest its contents.'

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