Welcome to Philosophy

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-978-910-273-0

In the Preface to this write-up, the author says;

"Philosophy is man's existential-home-coming because in doing philosophy he is studying himself: Man is a being studying being. It is only when he diligently and rationally does this that he can make meaning out of existence and is able to live a life of response to the call of being.

To do this man must use the highest faculty available to him. This faculty is his reason. Reason is the major weapon of the philosopher. One can rightly say that outside reason there is hardly any philosophy. When reason turns its searchlight on itself and studies itself, then philosophy has started. Philosophy is reason studying reason.

As adults we are now going to start a mature articulation of the thrill, the excitement and the wonder that surround reality. As adults we are not going to direct existential questions to others, as children do. We are rather going to start asking, in a more articulate way, those questions which children ask and hardly wait for their reply. We shall ask them and we shall search for their replies. This is doing philosophy.

Get ready as we now initiate you into the way of reasonable doubt that leads to existential probing. So welcome to philosophy."

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