Twenty-five Ways to Avoid Madness

Year of Publication: 2001

ISBN: 978-049-070-1

In the preface, the author says; "What exactly is going on in the world of the mad? Is there any difference between a mad person and a wild beast? Can he still remember? Can he observe? Can he plan? The world of the mad is a puzzle to the sane.

When the mad person was like you and me, he passed sleepless nights worried about his debtors and creditors, his rivals and his admirers, his friends and his foes, his possible successes and failures, his safety and dangers.

Day and night, he carried the burden of existential questions and problems, not solving but brooding and worrying about them. He has paid his sanity for that. He was not born mad. He did not inherit madness and he is not possessed. His type of madness is mental break down due to stress, fear, worry and anxiety. His nerves are now shattered and his brain is scattered. Disorder now rules his life.

Beloved reader, the picture we have just depicted is that of one suffering from avoidable mental disorder.

There are many people in the world of the sane who are heading towards that zero point of mental disorder due to over stretching. This book is for them."

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