Travelling Through the year with Monsignor Ugonna Igboaja

Year of Publication: 2016

ISBN: 978-978-953-126-4

In the foreword to this book Msgr. Ugonna Igboaja said:

"One wise saying, properly digested, can motivate one through the day. This is because words are very powerful.... Perhaps this is the reason the editor of this book has diligently gone through my works and meticulously chosen motivational quotes which he is very convinced will spur the reader to greater, positive heights as he travels through the year....

One of these quotes a day, as he has meritoriously arranged them, will not only lead you through the year but also will assuredly afford you motivational motivations to become as great as your positive mind can postulate.... I am highly out these quotes from almost all my published works.
Travel with these quotes and you will certainly carve your name on the hard marble of existence as you gently and graciously turn over your existential years. I strongly recommend the book to you."

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