The Rise and Fall of Education Today

Year of Publication: 2010

ISBN: 978-978-910-011-8

In the content of this book, the author says; "We shall discuss this topic under four sections. The first will be a theoretical reflection on what education is all about.

The second will be a bold attempt at ex-raying those practical, existential realities that would merit the education of a nation to be tagged decadent.

Thirdly we shall discuss the role of mission and private schools or voluntary agency schools in such a critically challenging educational situation.

The fourth section will be a projection of a vision which every integral education should aim at. We shall then conclude with practical suggestions on how a nation can continuously encourage voluntary agencies to partner with her in order to offer her citizens an existentially balanced integral education.

Our prayer is that the above reflections will help the nation in revamping education so that modern society will bounce in wisdom by imbibing the fear of the Lord in all their thoughts, words and actions.

If you are one of those worried about the crisis in education today and the best way out, you will be happy you came across this book. I strongly recommend it to you."

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