The Obama in You

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN: 978-049-947-4

The author says; "A black man as a President in the American White House is the miracle of the day. That man is Obama. How did he make it? The answer to the above question prompted this write-up.

In the first part we pointed out ten striking, motivating qualities which we find in the man Obama and affirmed that you also can achieve your own life-dream if you woke up those qualities which are certainly also in you.

In the second part, we published the three major speeches of Obama. The first is his acceptance speech when he was nominated by the Democratic Party to run for the presidency. The second is his victory speech when he worn the presidency and the third is his inaugural speech.

Obama has made it. You can also make it. May the reflection on the first and second parts of this write-up be your daily favorite and constantly energize you to action. You are also destined to succeed. You can succeed. You will succeed. I affirm this because I clearly see the Obama in You.

I am particularly happy that in this month of January, when great things are happening, I am celebrating the 35th anniversary of my priestly ordination: January 27, 1974 to January 27, 2009. I give you this write-up as my anniversary cake."

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