Strange World

Year of Publication: 1976

Everyone is rushing into a MAD, strange world. For what? What are we looking for? Always on the move. Up to the final full stop, it is all buzz. Every face in the street seems to be looking for something, going somewhere, as if sent into the world, urgently, to find some wonderful treasure, some lost gold.

Each is different, has different talents. It is written on the palm of their hands. Some seem to know where they are going, some are confused. Some see a straight road of life ahead.

Some have come up against a NO ROAD, have to turn back and start again. Some find their way, their calling, their vocation, at an early age. Others have only a little kerosene left in life’s lamp when they see theirs.

Everywhere, there is wanting, dis-satisfaction. What do they all want, all these walking, two-legged riddles, called MEN? What will satisfy them?

The trader toils round the clock; the drunkard spends all he has for another drink; the soldier faces the front-line of a deadly battle; the religious leaves mother and father, family and wealth.

For what? They all have the same magnetic motive. All seek the same thing: HAPPINESS.

It is the aim of this book to encourage calmness and optimism in this continual search this life’s struggle for happiness. And to hint HOW it can be found. Read and see.

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