Ready for Heaven

Year of Publication: 1996

ISBN: 978-2707-26-0

Why life, what are we all doing here, is there a beyond, after this earthly struggle, or will it all end up at the grave? How is that beyond and who goes there?

In the preface the author writes; "I offer this book, Ready for Heaven, as my own contribution to humanity in search for meaning. I believe all will not end here. There is a beyond that awaits the children of God.

It is my earnest wish and desire that this book will offer you hope, when despair wants to envelope you; light, when darkness would love to engulf you; direction, when at crossroad; inspiration, when in loss of zest; joy, when in sorrow and consolation, when death strikes your beloved one.

Should you live what it suggests, in the manner of our Lord and leader, Christ, we shall certainly meet there, in the blissful beyond, to narrate how we overcame.

Let this book keep you company until then. See you there."

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