Kola nuts for Heaven

Year of Publication: 2014

ISBN: 978-978-910-297-6

In the Preface to this write-up the author says,

"The protagonist of this write up is a colossus. He is one who is simple but big; small but mighty. He is a small person who does big things.

He is one who neither believes in failure nor believes that anything thinkable is unachievable. He is one whose dream is his reality and whose realities are his dreams achieved.

We have in mind one who is firmly convinced that the thinkable is the realizable. Our mind settles on one who, because of his positive impact on society, has merited our attention and is the protagonist of this write up.

We have in mind Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Stanislaus Chinedu Anih, an achiever, a go-getter, a leader, an enthusiast, an educationist and a lover of humanity and above all, a Catholic Priest. If you are interested in existential challenges and how to face them, if you are involved in the daily existential struggle for survival and would wish to know more on how to positively impact on life by carving your name on the hard marble of existence the write up you are presently holding is the right one for you.

I strongly recommend it to you."

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