From Abakpa Nti-Ike to Blessed Abakpa

Year of Publication: 2016

ISBN: 978-978-51457-7-9

I started my six-year, pastoral assignment at St. Theresa Parish, Blessed Abakpa Nike on January 2010 and has just terminated it on January 2016. Like every other existential activities judgment naturally follows. The book you are now holding is the judgment of one who was an insider throughout my six years of pastoral work in the parish. In it he diligently highlighted my personal background and that of the parish and then went on to discuss how I handled the parish and the parishioners.

He pointed out some of my major, administrative methods like prayer, through novena of Masses like the famous EMM. He equally mentioned our pastoral motor of "new in thoughts, new in words and new in action" which we used to give a spiritual orientation to the entire parishioners and to all our pastoral activities. He equally mentioned how we made sure there was a continuity by diligently bringing to positive conclusions all the projects earlier initiated in the parish by former pastoral agents.

Whenever I came across a write-up of this natural discussing the achievements of a pastoral agent, like me, my mind always goes to the story of the young sisters and Mother Teresa. I regard this masterpiece by Sir. Nath. Onyia as a judgment from below. My strong wish and prayer is that the Good Lord, who sees and judges from above, will equally bless me for not neglecting his Son, Jesus, in my entire pastoral work at St. Theresa Parish, Blessed Abakpa Nike.

I strongly present this write-up to you. My prayer is that all who will allow this book to positively influence their life and right judgment will be eternally rewarded, as they, in their turn, struggle to change their own life and life-endeavors from the state of Nti-Ike to that of blessedness.

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