Forgotten by God

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN: 978-049-966-0

In this book the author says; "Whenever I reflect on life in general and on my life in particular, I find an infinite number of possibilities of what I could have been which I am not.

For example, I could have been a dropout or a mad man. I could have been an imbecile or epileptic.

I could have been bedridden by a malignant cancer or disabled for life due to a road accident. I could have been buried alive under a collapsed building or burnt to ashes in a fire accident.

For the past years of my life, I have lived to see these things happen to others. The question is why not me?

The reason is that on the days these things were being distributed I was lovingly and graciously forgotten by God.

Beloved reader, read on and you may also find a reason to thank your stars for equality being forgotten by God."

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