Egg On Iron

Year of Publication: 1999

ISBN: 978-2952-59-1

In the preface, the author says; "My priesthood excites me. I just found myself a priest.

It is like opening one’s mouth and an invisible hand feeds one with one’s most favourite dish. The immediate reaction is gratitude.

This book is a book of gratitude at the precious gift of my priesthood and for the privilege of remaining in it, sane and sound, for twenty-five years.

It is not just a biography. It is more than that. It is rather a sharing of the experiences of God’s love by someone, who got them, without meriting them.

The book is the second, on the series lined up to mark my priestly Silver Jubilee Celebration. The first, in the series, is the book titled Saints and Sinners.

It is my prayer and strong wish that, as you diligently go through this write-up, and sincerely appreciate what the good Lord has done for me, He, the Giver of good things, will also grant you your heart's is desires, so that, one day, you also will find yourself testifying that the Lord is good."

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