Books Published

A Mission of Happiness Kola nuts for Heaven A Silent Saint Welcome to Philosophy

A Sad Priest is a Tragedy A Handmaid in the Hand of God Bishop Eneja and the Bible Wisdom through Foolishness

Silenced By Love Ten C's For Balanced Living Tired in the Morning Priests and Religious as Impact Makers

The Rise and Fall of Education Today Forgotten by God The Obama in You Lessons from Bishop Eneja

Too Busy to Love Ten Steps to Sainthood Beggars in God's Kingdom Twenty-five Ways to Avoid Madness

Who is Mad? In Love with Sex Jubilee Joy and Millennium Madness Egg On Iron

Saints and Sinners How to Die Ready for Heaven Questions for God

Time on my Hand Ready to Die Man in a Strange World God and His Strange World

Strange World
My Journey to the Priesthood


An Eagle for all Seasons

Travelling Through the year with Monsignor Ugonna Igboaja

From Abakpa Nti-Ike to Blessed Abakpa

The Celebration of Saintly Existential Life

Intelligent Madman

Saints and Heroes

Burning In The Rain


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