Bishop Eneja and the Bible

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-978-910-220-4

“Bishop Eneja was a pastor and a teacher. Those who know him are aware of the fact that as a homolist, he was very powerful at the pulpit and spoke with unflinching conviction.

More importantly, he backed his preaching with an impeccable, austere, spiritual life.

To come near him at any time and at any place will always encourage you to keep on the struggle for spiritual soundness and moral probity which can only be achieved through a genuine subduing of the body and making it obey the dictates of the spirit.

Bishop Eneja can easily be regarded as a saint of austerity and self discipline. He is a role model for authenticity and self control.

Our great wish and prayer are that one day the Mother Church will consider projecting him as a model for spirituality and give him the canonical title of a saint so that those who wish to attain self mastery cam invoke on him”.

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