Beggars in God's Kingdom

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN: 978-049-119-8

In the preface, the author says; "This is a book on self-awakening.

Many are existentially asleep as regards their personal qualities and so tow life like beggars and die of famine in their own existential land of plenty.

Ibo Philosophy aptly depicts such a situation as “Ino na mmiri ncha an’ aba gi n’anya” which means, “staying in water and at the same time, earnestly searching for water to wash out soap from one’s eyes”.

The result is often frustration as they fly from one un-helping hand to another in a vain search, from others, of what they themselves possess in abundance.

It is our strong hope that the book will help the reader to discover many dormant talents within him and so lead him to achieve great existential heights, which hitherto, he had never believed could ever come his way."

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