An Eagle for all Seasons

Year of Publication: 2016

ISBN: 978-2473-79-0

I am personally happy. My reason is the book you are now handling . When the manuscript was presented to me for reading and with an invitation to write the foreword, my happiness as seeing a big work on me landed me in a crazy mood of happiness. I thank God that I am alive to read such a copo lavoro on my life as a human within this earthly existential struggle.

I just hope that I will be able to live-up-to the challenge. What is it? The author while introducing the manuscript to me told me that such a work is not written on young people who have still many year ahead of their age less they fault and make a mess of all the eugolies written on them. He assured me that the work of this magnitude is normally written on those who may not have the age-opportunity to contradict whatever is written on them.

For me this is a way of telling me that I must struggle to do better than I have done so far or at least make a successful effort to maintain the level or height already achieved.

I am very grateful to the author. The work itself testifies for itself as a bold undertaking. All I can say is that the venture was a successful one. In it he has diligently brought to limelight the other part of me which a critical study of my writings and my philosophy would not have ventured into. The book is not about what about what the man said or did but about the making of the man Ugonna Igboaja.

While congratulating the author for a work well done, I strongly recommend the book to you.

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