A Silent Saint

Year of Publication: 2014

ISBN: 978-978-910-782-2

In the Preface to this book the author says,

"... we want to diligently x-ray the life of someone with whom we have travelled and laboured in this earthly, survivalistic, existential struggle.

He is, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Benedict Okwuife Eboh. He has been privileged with a span of seventy years of earthly living during which forty was spent as a Catholic priest.

We intend, in this write-up, to certify that, from our contact with him, which has spanned for more than fifty-four years, he is a Silent Saint. He has, in numerous ways, positively impacted on many children of God. By embarking on this undertaking, we hope to achieve the following:

a. Appreciate a friend for what he has been for us and for humanity at large.

b. Encourage him to wisely continue in the existential struggle in the manner of the wise tortoise and never toe the line of the foolish goat, since the giver of life can take it back, at any time.

c. To project him to others for appraisal and possible emulation.

If you are interested, then read on. I strongly assure you of thrill, excitement and contentment. I present to you, A Silent Saint."

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