A Sad Priest is a Tragedy

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-978-910-242-6

In the conclusion to this write up, the writer says:

"The problem with Christ is that often he uses his heart more than his head while the problem with many of us priests is that often we use our heads and forget that we have hearts.

For me this is the summary of all we have been saying in this undertaking.

Christ hardly looks into the logic of things. it is often his heart that speaks. With us priests, well drilled in philosophy and logic, we tend to pass everything under the crucible of reason and reasonability ...

The people of God are not interested in logic when they come to Christ or to his earthly representatives which we priests are.

Consequently all they want from us is not reasonability but the heart of sympathy which will sit down and teach them at length, despite the fact that they have been cared for all through the day.

Again, notwithstanding all their provocative utterances and behaviour, all they expect from us is a forgiving heart not a condemning head.

This is why, in this write-up, we have insisted that in every occasion, we priests should always avoid the sad option which comes from the head because for the people of God, who expect us to use our hearts towards them, and not our heads, a sad priest is a tragedy."

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