A Mission of Happiness

Year of Publication: 2014

ISBN: 978-978-910-326-3

In the Preface to this write-up the author says;

"This Write-up is the outward sign of my inward joy and gratitude to God for his fatherly love towards me which has made him allow me to taste the biblical year of three scores and ten.

In it I am going to reflect on the reason for this earthly life. I am going to affirm that the essence of life is happiness and that God, our Creator, sent us into this earth on an existential mission of happiness.

I will further maintain that earthly life is not counted by the span of years but by the way each has diligently carried out his own existential mission of happiness. We shall discuss what constitutes happiness and what promotes it.

We shall equally point out those things that militate against happiness and the best way to avoid them. Throughout the discussion we shall strongly maintain the stand that the only happiness worth the salt is nearness to God at all time no matter the circumstance.

If the above topic interests you then count yourself lucky because the very book you are now holding is the right material for you. It is my seventieth birthday anniversary cake for you.

I strongly recommend it to you."

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