A Handmaid in the Hand of God

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN: 978-978-910-294-5

In the conclusion to this book the author says;

"Saints are human beings who have creditably carried out the divine, creative injunction namely, to know, love and serve God while here, on earth and are now rewarded with an Everlasting Happiness in heaven.

Our human testimonies point to the fact that Sr. Queen did her best to know, to love and to serve God, during her forty-eight years of existential living.

Our Christian faith assures us that the Good Lord, who never fails in his promise to his people, has already crowned her with that Eternal Glory, as a saint in heaven.

Our existential hope spurs us on to pray that, sometime in the very near future, it will please the members of her very revered congregation, to request Holy Mother, Church, to canonize her a saint here on earth and project her life of love and service for emulation by those still exposed to the earthly existential struggle for soul-survival.

Until then, let us content ourselves with the blessed assurance that Sr. Queen is already a saint in heaven as a Handmaid in the Hand of God ."

Read on and you will find out how Sr. Queen made it. You may find a clue on how to make it yourself.

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